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Intelligent Outsourcing Solutions

AI SOFTWARE is a software outsourcing company with headquarters in Bucharest, Romania, Eastern Europe.
Within the past seven years we have successfully completed more than 200 projects for different clients/companies. We have earned a reputation for consistently delivering successful solutions on time and on budget resulting in long term customer relationships.

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Why outsource to Romania?

Romania's strength is its engineering talent. The skills of the Romanian technical people go beyond basic programming and extend to complex engineering tasks.
To take advantage of this talent, companies such as Oracle,Microsoft, Siemens, IBM, Motorola and Amazon (among others) have established a presence there.
On 1 January 2007 the European Union welcomed Romania as a new member.


Online invoices facturi online Online Appointments Calendar
Create and share online calendars for your customers, they can quickly book any available intervals. airezervare.ro

Online invoices facturi online Online invoicing
On 1/1/2007, we launched the first romanian online invoicing service. Companies can create, send or email invoices to their business partners.

Domain Expertise

code generators, meta language, off-line to on-line transitions, code optimizers, code converters, web automation, tools to provide automation, application scalability, server synchronizations, business to application converters, time control

C/C++ on Linux/Windows/Mac