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We are 5*(five out of five) provider on Elance marketplace and we have a rating of 5.0 for each of the following categories:Quality, Response, Professional, Expertise, Cost, Schedule for almost 300 projects developed since 2002.

Client quotes

AI SOFTWARE is a model service provider. Their work ethic is excellent, they go way above and beyond the call of duty to make sure that everything is handled properly. Their code is solid, and even if the project turns out to be more challenging or demanding than initially thought, they keeps her bid the same and works through issues. They (esp. Camelia) are also excellent communicators, and very friendly and pleasant to work with. Even though they are far away, they may as well be next door, because they are right on top of things. I recommend AI SOFTWARE without any reservations.

Den Bradshaw, US

Camelia is the perfect contractor. Responsive, professionals and consistently goes the extra mile to get things done. I cannot imagine working with anybody else and this is my 6th project with AI SOFTWARE. She is clearly heads and sholders above any other contractor I have worked with and I would recommend her without hesitation.

Bill Vick , Recruiters Coach, Books Author, US

I am extremely satisfied with the work from this website developer. I have used them for about 10 projects and all have been completed on time and at reasonable rates. One of the most important factors in my choice to use this developer time and time again has been the ease with which I am able to contact them and discuss my requirements. Communication is vital as this always results in a superior end product. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Christopher Jones,UK

By far one of the most professional and efficient people I have ever worked with. All work was completed in a fast and friendly manor. We will be using this provider for all our future coding projects. A pleasure to work with and we would recommend the services to anybody. Thank you for solving all our problems and enquiries.

Ric Porteus , UnitedMedias,UK

AI Software is extraordinary! They were quick to respond to my requests, always kept me updated and provided me with quality care through each step of the process. AI Software''s expertise is AMAZING and they offerred suggestions to my site that made the finished result better than I imagined. I am EXTREMELY please with their service, affordability and professionalism. I will use them for all of my needs from this moment forward and recommend them to you for all of yours!

Erica King, Stress Advisor, Phoenix, US

Provided excellent service, and went above and beyond when several of the requirements were changed on the process flow of the application. I would whole heartedly recommend this service provider to anyone wanting work done in this area (Web / PHP / MySql)

James Peters , Auto Parts Dealer, UK


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Domain Expertise

code generators, meta language, off-line to on-line transitions, code optimizers, code converters, web automation, tools to provide automation, application scalability, server synchronizations, business to application converters, time control

C/C++ on Linux/Windows/Mac